‘A Million Little Things’ Kicks Off Final Season With Funeral (PHOTOS)

    On the one hand, A Million Little Things began with the death of Jon (Ron Livingston, returning for the farewell season). On the other hand, despite the nice parallel, we’re not sure how we feel about the ABC drama saying goodbye to someone else in the final season premiere.

    In “The Last Dance,” airing on February 8, the family of friends gathers once again to celebrate the life of a loved one who dies unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Katherine (Grace Park) shows Maggie (Allison Miller) the secret to registering for baby gifts, and Rome (Romany Malco) supports his father through a difficult transition. The photos that ABC has released offer a look at some of that, as you can see below.

    Unsurprisingly, but suspiciously, Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) is nowhere to be seen in the images. Last season ended with the cancer reveal that only a few know about so far. But given what executive producer DJ Nash told TV Insider about his arc this season, we’re not too worried (at least not yet).

    “Gary is the person who’s looked out for everyone,” Nash said. “I wanted to tell a story about Gary finally needing other people.”

    Scroll down for a look at the friend group in the Season 5 premiere, “The Last Dance.” Things may look a bit bleak now, but at least Nash has said “the last scene is unbelievably hopeful,” so let’s just hold onto that.

    A Million Little Things, Fifth and Final Season Premiere, Wednesday, February 8, 10/9c, ABC

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