‘Jeopardy!’: Did Melissa Klapper Continue Her Winning Streak?

    The latest repeat winner of Jeopardy!, Melissa Klapper, a professor from Merion Station, Pennsylvania, has been on quite a roll with three triumphs in a row, but was she able to hold the lead for her fourth game airing March 23?

    It would seem not as she was outplayed by new competitor Alec Chao, a management and program analyst from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was up for quite the challenge also facing off against fellow newbie Daisy Donohue, an actor, and artist from St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Ken Jennings and Alec Chao on 'Jeopardy!'

    (Credit: Jeopardy!, Inc.)

    Entering the competition with $59,100 in winnings, Melissa was the one to beat as the game began, but by the time the Final Jeopardy! rolled around. Following Double Jeopardy!, Melissa’s $6,800 in earnings wasn’t enough to overtake Alec’s $15,200 lead, whereas Daisy went into Final Jeopardy! with $4,600.

    The final category was Movie Theme Songs with the clue being, “Monty Norman, the composer of this character’s theme, said the staccato riff conveyed sexiness, mystery, and ruthlessness.” Ultimately, the correct question response was “Who is James Bond (007)?” Only Alec answered correctly, adding his $305 wager to his final winnings, $15,505. Melissa ended the game with $1,800 and Daisy with $1,600.

    Melissa’s loss may mean she’s ineligible for the future Tournament of Champions, but she didn’t go home empty-handed as she took home her earnings from her three previous wins on top of the show’s second-place winnings of $2,000. What did you think of the latest game? Let us know in the comments section, below, and stay tuned as the fan-favorite game show continues tomorrow.

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