‘Night Court’: Bridal Mayhem Consumes the Courtroom in Episode 9 Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

    Wedding chaos comes to the courtroom in Night Court Season 1 Episode 9, “Ready or Knot.” And Melissa Rauch‘s Abby Stone will be glad her own impending nuptials are not part of the mayhem.

    In the kooky wedding-themed episode airing March 28 on NBC, the courtroom is overrun with cases from a wedding expo gone awry. While Abby oversees the disarray, the team looks to help Abby plan her own wedding and a wedding planner (played by Lyric Lewis) shows Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) the finer things in life. But the bridal squabbles will ultimately extend to Abby’s team, as Olivia (India de Beaufort) and Gurgs (Lacretta) wrestle over who will serve as maid of honor.

    In the TV Insider exclusive clip from the episode (above), Abby decides the fate of a wedding dress caught in the middle of a two-bride dispute. Larroquette’s Dan represents the two women in this bride war, saying they were “driven to madness” by their dream gown.

    Julia Finkelstein as Kaitlyn, Anna Lamadrid as Andrea, Amanda Perez as Jessica, Lyric Lewis as Cynthia in 'Night Court' Season 1 Episode 9

    Casey Durkin/NBC/Warner Bros.

    “I, for one, can understand. I mean, look at this exquisite gown. Ivory lace, hidden pockets, a cut that is somehow both A-line and mermaid?! Come on!” he quips. Abby’s (joke) solution: split it in half like in the Bible.

    Who’s to say why Gurgs stands at the ready with a glistening sword following Abby’s joke, but suffice it to say we’re intrigued. The brides-to-be, however, aren’t as invested in the idea. Check out the funny moment in the full clip above.

    Rauch’s Night Court fiancé, Rand, is played by Pete Holmes. Rand and Abby are making long-distance work as she runs her father’s old Manhattan digs and he stays living in upstate New York where her mother, Gina (a splendid Faith Ford), also resides. Holmes made his Night Court debut in the March 14 episode, and other series guest stars include Saturday Night Live alum Melissa Villaseñor, Wendie Malick, Kurt Fuller, Stephanie Weir, Johnny Weir, and Tara Lipinski.

    Episode 9 marks Lewis’s guest-star debut on the comedy series, which has already been renewed for a second season at NBC.

    Night Court, Tuesdays, 8/7c, NBC

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