Nosferatu Remake Starring Anya Taylor-Joy Aims to Film Next Year

    Six years ago director Robert Eggers released his debut movie The Witch, and it is fair to say it received quite a reception, which is why it led to there being talk of the industry newcomer taking on a remake of the “original Dracula” movie, Nosferatu. While it isn’t strange for a still wet-behind-the-ears filmmaker to be looking to make their name with a remake of an already famous movie, that was not the case with Eggers, who from the start was immensely passionate about the movie and the idea of bringing it to life in a new way. However, despite star of The Witch Anya Taylor-Joy being in talks to star at one point there has been nothing else mentioned about it. Until Now, it seems.

    Anya Taylor-Joy was featured in a profile piece in The Los Angeles Times, and mixed in with her other upcoming roles was a mention of Nosferatu and the possibility that it could begin production late next year. The actress is certainly not short of work at the moment, with filming due to start on black comedy The Menu, which will be followed by the Mad Max movie Furiosa, which shoots in Australia early 2022. After that comes the thriller Laughter in The Dark, and finally the piece lists Nosferatu and although this is not given any kind of start date specifically, based on the general timeframe of movie shoots it will certainly not be before the end of 2022, but it does give the first sign that if she has committed schedule time to the movie that is going to happen.

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    Speaking in a previous interview with Den of Geek, Robert Eggers said, “The thing is I don’t want to throw around titles because I was throwing around all my titles last time. And I mean, Saint Guillermo del Toro does it all the time and nobody cares, but I don’t-I’m in prep for another movie. I hope it happens, but until I’m on set, saying ‘action,’ I don’t really know if it’s going to be the next one, you know?”

    While on the surface of such things, you could be forgiven for thinking that this comes down to a director making a good horror movie and therefore being asked to help cash in on an older classic, but in this case that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case as Eggers has a long history with the unofficial Dracula movie. Back in his high school days, the director put on a stage version of the play that was so well put together he was asked to recreate a professional version. His movie version of Nosferatu will be his third time working on a project based on the silent movie, so you would expect that it is in pretty safe hands.

    The original Nosferatu was released in 1922 and despite having been the subject of lawsuits from the Stoker estate, one of which ended with the order for all copies of the film to be destroyed – although thankfully a few surviving prints are the reason he movie is still around today – the film has gone on to be an influence in many forms of media including movies, TV and even the music video for Under Pressure by rock group, Queen.

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