A Lexi & Fez Romance? Plus, 5 More Questions From ‘Euphoria’ Premiere

    [Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 2 Premiere of Euphoria, “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door.”]

    Euphoria is back and life is crazier than ever for the teens of HBO‘s A24 drama starring Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, and more.

    While the Season 2 premiere made way for one epic reunion between Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafter), this installment also raised a lot of questions about what direction the rest of the show will take in the upcoming episodes. Below, we’re taking a look at a few of the biggest setups for the season and the questions they’re raising.

    Is There a Lexi-Fez Romance on the Horizon?

    Euphoria Season 2 Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud

    (Credit: HBO)

    Some promos for the new season have hinted at the possibility of “good girl” Lexi (Maude Apatow) and drug dealer with a heart of gold, Fez (Angus Cloud), getting together. In the premiere, the duo spent most of the show’s New Year’s Eve party chatting together on a couch. Their exchange included trading phone numbers, compliments, and some blushing on Lexi’s end.

    Of course, this apparent spark is dependent upon how Lexi feels after watching Fez violently beat up Nate (Jacob Elordi), something that viewers might believe is justified. Based on snippets from future episodes though, we’re feeling that there’s hope for this potential couple, yet.

    Will Rue & Jules’ Relationship Have a Third Wheel?

    Euphoria Season 2 Dominic Fike and Zendaya as Elliot and Rue

    (Credit: HBO)

    Rue and Jule reunited after their dramatic train station separation in the Season 1 finale, only to declare their love for one another, but not before Rue met Elliot (Dominic Fike). Bonding with Rue over some drugs, the pair got to know one another at the party before Jules found Rue fireside with the new character. While it’s clear that Rue and Jules are still all about it each other, it remains unclear what Elliot’s role will be in their bond as teasers for the rest of the season hinted at awkward moments ahead. And perhaps, even dangerous? It doesn’t seem like the best thing for Rue to be getting involved with another drug user right now.

    Is Cassie Going to Be Okay?

    Euphoria Season 2 Sydney Sweeney Cassie

    (Credit: HBO)

    Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) had quite an ordeal in this episode which began with her running into Nate at a gas station. Drunk and agitated after having a fight with sister Lexi, Cassie is left to find her own way to the New Year’s Eve party and opts for Nate’s offer of a ride. One thing leads to another and the pair wind up hooking up in the bathroom until Nate’s on-again-off-again ex and Cassie’s BFF Maddy (Alexa Demie) starts banging on the door, unaware of who is in there.

    Hiding in the bathtub behind a curtain, Nate exits the bathroom, allowing Maddy entrance, but soon Cassie is being held hostage by her fear of being found out and spends most of the night muffling her breathing from the bathtub. Her strong reaction to almost being caught with Maddy’s guy seems to be the beginning of a downward spiral as the “betrayal” wreaks havoc on Cassie’s mental state.

    Who Will Maddy Take Out Her Anger On?

    Euphoria Season 2 Alexa Demie

    (Credit: HBO)

    If Maddy finds out about this situation, it will be interesting to see who she takes out her anger on, Nate or Cassie? We know from the first season that she can vindictive if she wants to be. Then again, she could ice both of them out for their behavior. It’s probably more of a question of how and when?

    What Will Nate Be Like Now?

    Euphoria Season 2 Angus Cloud and Jacob Elordi

    (Credit: HBO)

    After being brutally beaten by Fez, Nate’s path in Season 2 could take a few different directions as he either seeks revenge or mellows out. We’re willing to bet that he won’t take the assault without retaliating in his own way, which makes us fearful for Fez. It will be interesting to see how this experience impacts his other ties with the rest of his peers though.

    Is Rue Going to Get the Help She Needs?

    Euphoria Season 2 Zendaya

    (Credit: HBO)

    Rue nonchalantly announced that she believed she was going into cardiac arrest after taking heroin. She seemingly balances out the drug by snorting some Adderall, but it’s clear from the reaction of Elliot and Jules’ concern that Rue’s following a continually more precarious path than she had been in Season 1. Between being assaulted in the premiere’s early drug deal scene to trying a plethora of narcotics, Rue’s traipsing along a dangerous path that we hope smooths out sooner than later. Can her family and sponsor make a breakthrough with the young woman? Or should we prepare for tragedy?

    Hopefully, most of these questions and more will be answered as Season 2 continues on HBO. In the meantime, catch up with the premiere by streaming the series on HBO Max.

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