Carnival Row

    Carnival Row TV show on Amazon: canceled or renewed for another season?

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    Network: Amazon.
    Episodes: Two (hour).
    Seasons: 18.

    TV show dates: August 30, 2019 — March 17, 2023.
    Series status: Ended.

    Performers include: Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, David Gyasi, Karla Crome, Indira Varma, Tamzin Merchant, Arty Froushan, Waj Ali, Maeve Dermody, Andrew Gower, Jamie Harris, Jared Harris, Anna Rust, Tracey Wilkinson, Alice Krige, James Beaumont, Caroline Ford, Jim High, Mark Lewis Jones, Simon McBurney, and Scott Reid.

    TV show description:
    From creators René Echevarria and Travis Beacham, the Carnival Row TV show is a fantasy drama set in a Victorian world. There the Fae and humans live side by side, but not so peacefully.

    Once upon a time, Tirnanoc was home to the Fae — faeries, fauns, trolls, centaurs — creatures we think of as mythological. But mankind brought war to their realm, so the Fae sought refuge in The Burgue.

    Now, eking out bleak existence on Carnival Row, the Fae are abused, exploited, and treated like animals. There is great tension between them and intolerant humans, but things go from bad to worse when a series of murders strikes the Row.

    As a human detective, Inspector Rycroft Philostrate (Bloom) knows this case is the most critical one he has ever worked. Unlike many of his colleagues, Philo has compassion for the Fae and strives to treat them as he would any other person.

    Once upon a time, Philo fell in love with a faerie named Vignette Stonemoss (Delevingne), but they were separated by war. Now that she too is a refugee in The Burgue, they rekindle their affair, despite the risk of making themselves targets. What’s more — Vignette is keeping a secret which could endanger everyone.

    The Fae are despised by humans and are not permitted to live, love, or fly. As darkness envelops The Burgue, it is up to Philo and Vignette to keep the flame of hope alive.

    Series Finale:     
    Episode #18 — Carnival Row
    Justice later through peace, or now through blood?
    First aired: March 17, 2023.


    What do you think? Do you like the Carnival Row TV series? Should this Prime Video TV show have ended or been renewed for a third season?

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