Tony Shalhoub Reveals Where Upcoming ‘Monk’ Movie Finds His Character

    Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie, the Monk TV movie coming to Peacock, will find the titular character grappling with a post-pandemic world, according to star Tony Shalhoub.

    “It’s Monk present day after however long we’ve been away from him, 13 years now, going on 14 years,” Shalhoub told Entertainment Weekly. “This is post-COVID. Monk has been knocked back on his heels because of COVID.”

    The upcoming movie will continue the story of the USA series Monk — which introduced the San Francisco-based detective living with obsessive-compulsive disorder — as Adrian Monk returns to solve a case involving stepdaughter Molly, a journalist who’s preparing for her wedding.

    And Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie will reflect the time that has passed since the TV show’s 2009 finale, Shalhoub observed. “[Monk is] older. He’s not going to be chasing down things on the street and things like that, hopefully,” the actor said with a laugh. “We’re going to have to write to the fact that Monk’s older.”

    Monk series premiere - Tony Shalhoub

    USA Network/Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Shalhoub also revealed that the movie will start filming this May in Toronto. “It’s a really interesting story,” he added. “I can’t say too much about it, but it’s got all of the good elements that the show was always striving for with a few new twists.”

    Peacock announced Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie on March 15, noting that Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, Jason Gray-Stanford, Melora Hardin, and Héctor Elizondo will reprise their Monk roles in the movie alongside Shalhoub, who’s also an executive producer on the project.

    The UCP-produced movie is also bringing back behind-the-scenes Monk talent, including creator and executive producer Andy Breckman, executive producer David Hoberman, and executive producer and director Randy Zisk.

    “New and returning fans of Monk will love how this creative team was able to preserve all that we admire about Adrian Monk while bringing him into the present,” Beatrice Springborn, president of UCP, said in a statement. “We can’t wait for Peacock viewers to experience this fresh, fun and imaginative film.”

    Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie, TBD, Peacock

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